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Welcome to the Light of the World Fellowship! Light of the World Fellowship is here to help you grow closer to God and others. Whether you are someone seeking God for the first time, or are experienced in your faith, Light of the World Fellowship exists for you! So as an honored guest or an interested friend, you are always welcome at the Light of the World Fellowship. We invite you to join us for our Services. Service is mainly in Russian or Ukrainian with interpretation into English, if needed.

People (Who we are) »

  • Slavic people joined together for the purpose of glorifying God, encouraging each other and supporting and blessing those around us by being light and salt of the world. Most of us were born in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova or another country of former Soviet Union and conduct our services in Russian language with interpretation for visitors that don't speak the language.

Faith (What we believe)»

  • We believe in one God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the Bible — God's Holy Word. We believe in the New Testament — Good News of Salvation. We believe in the Church of Jesus Christ, founded on the day of Pentecost, consisting of all Christians everywhere and organized into local assemblies, called churches.  

Ministry (What we do)» 

  • We strive with our lives to glorify God, edify other believers and bless those around us with the blessing received from God. We support the needy in the former USSR by donation what is available... 

Church Services

Worship Service: Sunday 10:00 AM Bible Study: Sunday 6:00 PM Prayer Services: Friday 7:00 PM Youth Bible Study: Tuesday 7:00 PM Children’s Bible School: Friday 7:00 PM Services are held in the rented room at Ephrata Business Center (Location address: 400 W. Main St., Suite 9, Ephrata, PA 17522)(Contact us by e-mail: warmthandlight@gmail.com or call 717-468-9379

There are also children’s music and singing practices and Russian language studies on Mondays at 6:30 PM.

Church Life and Ministry

 Light of the World Mission is a channel enabling the Church (Light of the World Fellowship) to minister to physical and spiritual needs around the world in order to lighten the burden and rekindle the light of joy in the hearts of the needy people (especially in our own community of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and in the Former Soviet Union). Variety of Mission Projects developed. One of them is the Warmth & Light Project, where some needy people helped with firewood, coal, natural gas or electric bills. Second one is Bible Light to Children where we help with children ministry in the former Soviet Union through Children Bible Camps and Sunday School Bible Lessons. 



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Message by Arthur Vysotsky


Song in Russian:


Иисуса кровь течет из под тернового венца


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Light of the World Fellowship


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Sunday Service: 10am-12pm

Prayer Meeting: Friday @ 7pm - 9pm

Bible Study: Wednesday 7:00pm

Children Bible School: Friday @ 7pm - 9pm

Russian Language School: Monday @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Youth Meeting: Tuesday @ 7pm - 9pm